Subdivision Contractor

Earthmoving, landscaping, utilities, paths and roads.

Groundworks’ subdivision services include surveying, drainage construction, associated utility construction (power, telecoms and gas), earthmoving, construction of roading, kerbing, berms and footpaths, streetlight installation, reinstatement, and landscaping.

We constantly explore new technologies that improve quality and efficiency for our clients while reducing damaging effects on the surrounding natural environment.

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Our subdivision services skillset


Cut to waste, cut and fill, cut to stockpile, land contouring, clearing.


Water utilities – see 3 Waters page. Also trenching and installation of telecommunication infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, streetlight cables.


Excavation to subgrade, subgrade preparation, pavement construction, surfacing, kerb and channel, sumps and leads.


Excavation, sub-base, base course, sealing.

Paths and cycleways

Excavation, pavement construction, surfacing, landscaping.


Pathways, stairs, topsoiling, gardens, bark placement, concrete placement.

Our subdivision services projects

Groundworks undertook an extensive range of works for this 94-unit residential development in Petone. We identified potential challenges and found solutions for these early in the project.
We faced a series of challenges to be overcome during our work on this subdivision project in the hills north of Wellington. These included delays in the supply chain and the wettest winter on record.
Our work on this subdivision adjacent to the Westview development involved similar challenges. We provided a full range of civil contracting services, including earthmoving, water mains, and roading.

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