Groundworks Project


Client: Private developer.

Location: Westview subdivision, Wellington.

Scope of works: Sewer and stormwater mains; water mains; road construction – kerbing, pavement, sealing; footpaths; carparks; landscaping; street lights; service trenching and installation.

Stats: 580m water mains, 1047m stormwater and sewer mains, 1531m2 concrete footpaths and parking bays, 2200m2 pavement construction, 3 heavy duty exposed aggregate vehicle crossings, 700m utility trenching and installation, 600m kerb and channel.

Challenges: Covid-19 lockdown, supply chain delays, exposed site with unprecedented rainfall.

Solutions: Supply issues – worked with the client to secure and purchase construction materials at the outset of the project. Implemented additional controls to minimise damage to construction from excessive rainfall.