Excavation and earthworks.

Whether it’s a multi-stage or a single service, Groundworks will work with you to find the best solution for your siteworks project. Our modern fleet of excavators and plant spans all sizes and applications. We ensure we allocate the right gear to get the job done, and that our clients’ most challenging requirements are met.

Our excavation and earthworks teams share extensive experience to ensure efficient and cost-conscious end results.

We’re committed to preserving the existing quality of the environment. We respect surrounding ecosystems by mitigating harmful effects and strictly complying with the Resource Management Act.

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Our siteworks skillset

Bulk earthworks

Cut and fill, cut to waste, foundation excavations, land contouring.

Building pads

Cut to subgrade, pad trimming, filling, sand blinding.

Utility trench excavation

For power, communications, drainage, water and irrigation.

Retaining walls and fences

Post augering, post installation, backboarding, subsoil drainage.


Excavation, sub-base, base course, sealing.


Cut to subgrade, sub base, base course, kerb and channel, sealing, sumps, streetlights, wheel stops.

House site cuts

Cut and fill, batter cuts, building pads.

General excavation

Irrigation ponds, effluent ponds, swimming pools.


Bund construction, silt ponds, silt traps, silt fencing, dust suppression by water irrigation, fluming, and benched slopes.

Excavation and earthworks projects

This project had a broad scope of works and a range of challenges that needed to be overcome, including the constraints of working in a residential area, and design changes.
The scope of this inner-city project included utilities installation and earthworks. The challenges for our team involved the presence of groundwater, a tight building footprint, and a live rail line.
This siteworks project for a school’s Wellington campus involved extensive work on utilities trenching and installation, as well as constructing car parks and playing fields.

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