Three Waters Infrastructure Contractor

Water, sewer and drainage utilities construction.

As a three waters infrastructure contractor, we take responsibility for contributing to the provision of secure, dependable drinking water, efficient wastewater collection and treatment, effective stormwater drainage, cleaner harbours, healthier waterways, and protection from flooding.

Groundworks is determined to uphold a standard of excellence across our water, sewer and drainage construction services, and support healthier Wellington communities. We strive to develop innovative approaches that deliver cost effective, resilient and reliable solutions.

We have a strong capability across all three waters connection, upgrade and renewal projects. We work with both private and council clients, and operate across the Wellington region.

Our three waters services

Water reticulation

We dig and lay mains and laterals for potable water reticulation systems. As water connection contractors, we install lateral connections from water mains to residential houses. At the subdivision level, we dig, lay, pressure test and chlorinate water mains in HDPE or PVC pipe for stretches of road.

Wellington Water – approved contractor

We are approved to undertake water main cut-ins for Wellington Water. This might involve from a live tap for a residential connection, to developing a network shut-down plan, draining a section of water main, and installing a new pipe for a fire main, subdivision or commercial building.


Our wastewater contracting work includes renewals of existing sewer pipes, connecting laterals, fusion welding, over-pumping and dewatering. Or we can construct completely new wastewater systems, including pump systems and chambers. We work with wastewater pipes manufactured from PVC, HDPE, concrete, steel, and other types of material.

Groundworks is committed to delivering sanitary and efficient wastewater systems that do not infiltrate into sensitive natural environments.


Our holistic expertise covers all aspects of public and private drains. We focus on delivering innovative approaches that provide cost effective, resilient and reliable stormwater solutions.

Groundworks undertakes renewals or new projects, installing sumps, chambers, pump stations, rain gardens, retention tanks, dewatering, and other treatment processes.

We respect surrounding sensitive natural environments in our projects, striving for cleaner harbours, healthier waterways, and protection from flooding.

We are determined to uphold a standard of excellence for healthier and safer communities within the Wellington region.

Three waters infrastructure contracting projects

This project entailed renewing sewer and stormwater pipes across various sites in Lower Hutt. We found solutions for challenges such as working with complex existing services.
For this project, we provided siteworks and deep drainage, including a concrete pump station, for a housing development. There were a number of challenges to overcome.
This project involved installing 2.4km of watermain for a public sector client. The challenges it posed included managing the public response to long-term works.
Our upgrade of a live stormwater network beneath a proposed new building in Strathmore posed a number of challenges that required innovative solutions.
We completed a sewer main renewal project within a reserve and road corridor in Woodridge. We addressed various challenges, including working on a live road.

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