Groundworks Project

Thorndon Quay

Client: Private developer.

Location: Thorndon Quay, central Wellington.

Scope of works: Drainage connections – sewer and stormwater; water reticulation – disconnection, fire and reticulated connection; earthworks – cut to waste; foundation preparation; and retaining walls.

Stats: 2000m3 of cut to waste from around piles within a tight building footprint. 25m of 2m deep retaining wall along boundary with live rail corridor.

Challenges: Tight inner-city site; existing live sewer main which needed over-pumping; groundwater above expected level required us to think of feet to avoid delays; retaining wall constructed on boundary with live rail line.

Solutions: Created truck access through site; stockpiled and loaded out of stock pile instead of direct loading; used multiple sump pumping points to control groundwater; set up sediment controls to ensure water clear before going back into the network.