Groundworks Project

White Pine Ave Sewer Renewal

Client: Private developer.

Location: White Pine Avenue, Woodridge, Wellington.

Scope of works: Upgrade of existing sewer main within the reserve and road corridor to increase capacity for future development.

Stats: 175m of 250OD PE sewer main within receive land, including cutting of access track with depths over 2.5m. 264m of 315OD PE sewer main along existing road at depths over 2.5m, and installation of 11 new manholes ranging from 1 to 5m deep.

Challenges: Working on live road at depth, creating access for works within the reserve.

Solutions: Utilised multiple crews to complete trenching, laying and backfilling in a continuous operation. Completed seal reinstatement as work progressed to reduce impact on road users. Worked with the traffic management team to develop good methodologies for reducing impacts of traffic movements.